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A Resource For Natural Remedies To Treat Fibromylagia
Every now and then I come across some very good stuff that is worth sharing. 99% of the time it is free information. I usually post it as an article on the Fibro Blog for you to read. However, this is one of those 1% times (only the second time in the history of this site), that I've recommended something that is going to cost a bit of money.

Before I get into that, I simply want to relay to you from my personal experience the three things that have been most helpful for me with my fibromyalgia:
  1. A good, healthy diet - God has supplied in nature what our bodies need for healing and restoration.
  2. Losing weight - With a little honesty, we all know how much dropping 10 pounds would relieve our muscles and joints.
  3. Exercise - While easier said than done, but it's amazing how much better my body feels when I exercise on a regular basis.
There are two great resources that I have come across that you may find helpful. The first is Fat Loss For Idiots. While the title may be a bit harsh, it's how I feel sometimes because I've tried so many diets but they are just not "realistic" to stay on.

Consider this - A health practitioner here in Dallas told me that for every 10 pounds I lose, it is seventy pounds of pressure off my knees when I am briskly walking or going up stairs. I highly recommend this book for losing weight. It's a GREAT and FUN web site too. You ought to check it out: Fat Loss For Idiots.

One of the reasons I even mention weight loss is because sometimes those of us with fibromyalgia are always looking for the miracle drug, magic herb, or whatever, when simply dropping a few pounds could bring some serious relief.

The second resource is specifically about natural cures for fibromyalgia. It is a GREAT ebook called:   Natural Cure To Fibromyalgia. I would consider this a primary resource for those just beginning to understand they have fibro myalgia.

Here's one of the driving factors behind my excitement about this ebook. I get emails from women all the time who have been told by doctors there really isn't anything they can do to help. They get put on some nasty medications that really don't do much besides give you side effects and drug interactions (in my opinion). This Natural Cures resource offers REAL help in a way that is good for you, and good for your body.
While I wish I could copy the information for you to read for free, I can't do that So, here is some stuff about what this ebook is about:

  1. The two most common treatment methods for Fibromyalgia -and how to determine which, if either, is right for you!
  2. The six most common Fibromyalgia symptoms -and how to overcome each and every one of them!
  3. 4 common aggravating factors that can cause the symptoms of Fibromyalgia to suddenly appear -you may be very surprised at what you read here!
  4. The two ways that Fibromyalgia usually appears -and whether how your condition appeared should have any effect on the treatment you seek!
  5. 8 possible causes of Fibromyalgia - while a definite cause of this painful condition has yet to be determined, researchers have come up with some very interesting hypotheses that could dramatically affect the way you live .learn more here!
  6. The two reasons why prescription drugs are usually prescribed for Fibromyalgia -and whether or not these drugs are actually effective at accomplishing their intended goals!
More importantly, and why I really like this ebook, and highly recommend it to you is that it gives you real world things to do to help with all those symptoms. It also helped shed some light on things I wasn't totally aware of. and if I am stuck with this disease, I would rather understand it and do what I can to overcome it.

Once again, this is a great ebook. It is pretty cheap, but let me tell you, it has done me and others a world of good. Check out all the testimonies on the page. I wouldn't be telling you if I didn't think it would help.